Interior Design Masters 2021

I submitted an application for the 2021 series but unfortunately I wasn't successful. I would assume that it was due to my lack of practical experience. However, I will try again next year!

I worked hard on putting together a set of design concepts for my application.

GALLERY of design submissions.

Below I have added the concepts and thought processes behind each design...

Mid-Century Modern Living Room

I wish that I could decorate my lounge! After playing with some wallpaper and paint samples to set up some home staging photos, I was inspired to 'decorate' my lounge in the only way I can - virtually!!! Here are the results! It would be lovely to make the living room a more mature and grown-up space. The room needs to function well as a family space but also to entertain and welcome guests. I would like the room to have a wow factor whilst still being a family area. Style, colour, and furniture: There is a lot of natural light in our living room, so I would love to use deep, rich tones to create a cosy and comforting atmosphere. The colour palette I would like to use includes earthy green, ochre, and deep brown. We have a central fireplace with alcoves each side and I would use this area to create built in storage each side of the fireplace to house the TV as well as books and decorative items. It would be nice to then paint these to match the wall colour, so they blend in and are not visually closing in the room too much. We have chosen the wallpaper which is quite modern but pairs well with mid-century modern style furniture with warm gold and copper accents. We would expose the floorboards and use a large rug to add texture and warmth. Other soft furnishings would include floor length curtains as well as an array of different patterns and textures in the cushions and throws. The use of the mirror over the fireplace will reflect the light from the window and open up the space. There is limited artwork as the wallpaper is the main feature in this room. The existing fireplace is a nice focal point of the room, but it needs modernising – even a coat of paint would fix this. There are currently picture rails in the room, but ideally, I would remove these to naturally take the eye up the wall and not break up the space. The double aspect means there is a lot of natural light in this room and so it lends itself well to darker and warmer colours. The out-dated wall lights would be removed, and layers of lighting would be used instead. A centre light, floor lamp and table lamps would add areas of task lighting as well as ambient lighting.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen is a concept designed for a barn conversion/modern farmhouse. The exposed beams and brick fireplace with an Aga are the focal points of the room and are the inspiration for the décor and colour scheme. Cream cupboards and natural oak work surfaces give a timeless and classic feel, while the deep duck egg blue island and walls add a contemporary feel. By using a neutral palette for the units, the room can be easily updated over the years. Warmth is added using rustic oak floorboards, copper accents and pendant lighting over the island. The brickwork and beams have been left as they are to maintain the period feel of the property. The ceiling lights have been added to give the layers to the lighting and can be controlled separately from the pendant lighting to create task lighting in certain areas. The ceiling has been kept a neutral colour so as not to distract from the beauty of the exposed beam. The tiled splashback adds colour and character with the use of a rustic porcelain random Moroccan inspired tile. Display shelves break up the wall cabinets and make a feature of the wall and display cabinets. This room has French doors leading to the patio and window over the sink that give the room plenty of natural light and warmth. I wanted to make this kitchen feel like the heart of the home, somewhere where you can entertain whilst cooking or just enjoy a coffee and breakfast on a summer morning looking out into the garden. I wanted somewhere that was welcoming as well as functional for a family. Decorative items such as wire baskets, retro storage tins, stoneware pots, vases and plants give the room a personality and a feel that these items have been collected over the years or handed down through the generations.

Black and White Bathroom

After seeing this wallpaper, I had to use it in a design and a bathroom seemed like the perfect choice. I have used the floor plan of my own bathroom and separate toilet and converted into one larger bathroom for this this design. I wanted to create something quirky but elegant and so I stuck with the black and white scheme and highlighted the green in the wallpaper with the towels and plants. By combining the separate toilet and bathroom together, it allowed space for a separate shower cubicle and so I wanted to take advantage of this and have a free-standing Victoriana bath to add character to the space and to reflect the Victorian gallery inspiration in the wallpaper. The black and white tile and white panels on the lower section of the wall, add to the period feel of the room yet keep the colour palette fresh and modern. The wallpaper and tiles make the room busy, so I wanted to calm it down and use plain black tiles for the shower cubicle and not add too many other fussy features. The vanity reflects the colour scheme but is kept simple and functional. The window treatment and use of accessories is simple and elegant. By picking out the green in the wallpaper, the plants become part of the colour palette and a splash of colour is added in the use of the green towels. I have added natural wood to the room to add warmth and to stop the black and white from being too stark and clinical. The room feels brighter and warmer and brings the scheme together cohesively. On each side of the mirror there are vanity lights that are controlled independently from the centre light and so can be used as task lighting for the mirror or to add different layers to the lighting to create a cosier feel.

Scandi Inspired Lounge

As part of my journey in becoming an Interior Designer, I have been looking more closely at the concept of Hygge design and living and so I was inspired to design a lounge using both Scandi and Hygge concepts. I wanted to create an open living space that incorporates a living and dining area but remained cohesive and cosy. The colour palette uses neutral and natural tones and is complimented using natural materials in the décor and accessories. Some of the most important areas I wanted to concentrate on in this design were the fireplace and the seating area. I wanted to create warmth and comfort. This space needed to be inviting all year round and be a sanctuary from the outside world, not just for the owner, but for their guests as well. As well as this, it was important to have a space that takes advantage of the natural light as well as using other light sources to create atmosphere when needed. The lighting in the living area and dining area are independently controlled and the floor lamp adds texture to the lighting concept. The two windows give warm, natural light to the room and the use of different window treatments means these can be closed off when required. The seating area is cosy enough for one to create a reading nook in the corner under the floor lamp, but at the same time is large enough for guests and other members of the family to relax and find comfort. The dining area is incorporated into this space so that there is a natural flow between entertaining, dining, and relaxing. Natural textures such as wood, foliage, jute, stone etc are used to add interest and warmth to the space. The accessories, art and books tell a story of the person living here and add personality and depth to the space. These textures and an array of knitted throws and soft cushions add warmth to the cooler blue of the walls and stop the space from feeling too open and cold. 

Floral Bedroom 

For this bedroom design I used the floorplan of my own bedroom and I wanted to add some drama to it! The wallpaper I used is Matthew Williamson and after ordering a sample of it for my collection, I knew it would be perfect for a dramatic boudoir-style bedroom. The wallpaper is reflected in the oversized headboard that could be either panelled with the wallpaper or padded/tufted with the matching fabric. This headboard is the main feature of the room and is in direct sight as you enter the room. It creates the drama and feel that I was aiming for. The colour palette for the rest of the room is inspired by the colours in this wallpaper. I felt that the headboard needed a dark background to really make it stand out and so the use of navy, I feel, accomplishes this. By adding the ochre accent to the skirting and moulding, these are not lost or forgotten about, but rather they are highlighted to add texture and interest to the room. The wallpaper is reflected again in the bedspread and cushions and key colours are used in the bedding to create a cohesive colour palette. Although the floorboards are exposed, I wanted to the room to be luxurious and so a large area rug is used to bring cosiness and warmth to the room. This is then reflected in the ceiling colour. Mismatched furniture and an antique wing back chair add character to the room and continues the sense of drama throughout. I wanted this room to be practical as well as beautiful and there is still plenty of storage as well as seating and practical furniture. I feel this room lends itself to reclaimed and antique pieces to bring it to life. Quirky floor lamps and bedside lamps add humour and texture to the room whilst pulling together the copper and brass tones of the metals used throughout. Deep, rich tones and textures give this room a sense of luxury and warmth, but it retains a sense of character and fun. 

Boho Bedroom

Relaxing, calming, and peaceful. They were the main emotions I wanted to convey when I designed this bohemian inspired bedroom. I wanted to use elements of both the boho and coastal styles to create a space that was elegant and charming and that also reflected someone well-travelled and stylish. This bedroom features a dressing area that has been zoned off with these interesting lattice style panels. This means that the dressing area can be made into more of a stand-alone feature and so I have used palm tree wallpaper to accentuate the different zones further. The main theme that runs throughout this bedroom design is that of nature. The colour palette is very neutral, with hints of earthy browns and browns and oranges that are complemented by deep blues and greens. Plants, baskets, wooden and metal ornaments, plates, mirrors, and lanterns add interest and personality to the room. It creates a sense of travel, comfort harmony by combining an array of natural materials that pull both the boho and coastal styles together. All these create a sense of peace and harmony. Decorative items are a mix of souvenirs from holidays and travel, artwork, personal photos and candles or lanterns. The lighting is its own feature. Rather than a central light, the main source of lighting is two longer pendant lamps over each bedside unit. These allow for bedtime reading as well as creating interesting layers to the lighting alongside the corner floor lamp and dressing area lighting. The floorboards are exposed to keep their natural character, but rugs have been added and layers to create texture and warmth.  

Family Room

A young family of four with two daughters aged 3 and 8. They have owned the house for 10 years and have always considered it to be their ‘forever’ home. Over the last two years they have concentrated on upstairs and decorating their children’s bedrooms and their own. They are now in a position to refurnish and redesign the downstairs rooms, starting with the living area. They want to create a distinction between the living room side and the playroom but to maintain a cohesive space. Mum is busy with school runs and extra-curricular activities and would like a space that is inviting and cosy to relax in with the family as well as in the evening. They like to entertain other couples, family members and their children’s friends and so need a space where they can do this that they feel happy with. Mum feels she is constantly doing battle with toys and clutter and so wants the room to help with the organisation of these items. They prefer neutral tones and prefer to add ‘splashes’ of colour through the use of textiles and accessories. Dad is aware of the need to create a space for the children to play but does not want ‘girly’ colours! They don’t like floral or fussy patterns but have shown an interest in geometric and retro pattern. Mum has shown me a new cushion that she would like me to use as a starting point for a colour palette in the room. They would like some built in storage either side of the existing chimney wall as well as storage in the playroom. They would also like to put in an electric fire in the existing fireplace to add some warmth and cosiness to the room.  The current living area is very plain with dark curtains and they would like to inject some colour and warmth into the room. There is a lovely wooden floor that they would like to keep. The room lacks cohesion and soul with a lack of layered lighting to create atmosphere and the cosiness that they both want in the space. There are large patio doors that lead into the conservatory from the playroom area and then further patio doors into the garden. There is one window in the living room area and the living room door is glass panelled so there is a good amount of natural light. They want to keep the corner sofa as it is relatively new and the existing coffee table as it has sentimental value. They would also like to add a small electric fire to the space in the existing chimney breast.